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Instructions – Spray Tanning New Orleans – California Bronze
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Thank you for choosing Cali Bronze!!

Please arrive on time to your appointment. Due to the busy schedule, appointments are often booked back to back. Please respect the appointment time of other clients. If you are over 10 minutes late, please know that this will cut into your appointment time or you will have to reschedule your appointment.

In order to achieve the best outcome of your tan, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you follow and read the following:

It is best to schedule your spray tan session 1-2 days before your special occasion


    Exfoliate with a sugar scrub or other appropriate product is recommended the day before your spray tan. Removing loose, dead, dry skin cells promotes
    even coverage and lengthens the duration of your spray tan.

    Your skin should be clean and dry with no soap residue to interfere with your tan. Avoid bar soap. It is recommended that you shave the day before.

    Avoid wearing makeup, deodorant, perfume and moisturizer prior to your tanning session, as they can effect tan development.

    Ladies, you are welcome to wear as little or as much as you are comfortable wearing (A dark colored bathing suit or under garment is recommended). Gentleman, we request that you wear dark colored underwear or swimwear.

    It is best to wear loose clothing (preferably dark-colored) and flip-flops to your appointment. The cosmetic bronzer may rub off on clothing/sheets. Disposable flip flops are available for $1.00 upon request.


    For best results wait at least 10-12 hours before showering after your tanning session to allow the DHA bronzer enough time to begin the reaction process.

    Do not swim, sweat, bathe or exercise for at least 10/12 hours

    Using a moisturizer can help to extend the length of your spray tan. Also, there are moisturizers that are available with a light DHA bronzer in them to extend the look of a  spray tan. The DHA bronzing will help to extend the tan and reduce uneven wear and patchiness.